03/07/08: Day Ten

Friday, March 7, 2008

Spoke with Ron Robbins at Honda America. Not much to offer. I explained that we were seeking HOA’s input and guidance because the situation with Ourisman was being so poorly handled. Some concerns shared:

  • My husband and I are really shaken at this point. I am truly afraid that the vehicle may not be safe for my family, given the problems with hoses, clamps and missing caps/plugs that were all discovered almost immediately after delivery. I also stated my husband would like to see the van replaced.
  • Ourisman Honda would not admit that a  cap was missing from the transmission until after I told Mr. Pellegrino that I had taken pictures of the transmission before it was towed back (no cap), and after it was returned (with cap). This fact makes me extremely anxious about what else the dealership maybe hiding.
  • I have lost a tremendous amount of sleep and have extreme anxiety over this situation, and literally have become physically ill
  • Family plans have been cancelled on at least 3 separate days to deal with this, not to begin to mention the countless hours I’ve lost on the telephone trying to get this resolved with Ourisman Honda, the hours I’ve lost with my kids
  • My husband had to work until 10 PM last night just to begin to catch up on all the work that has accumulated during the time off he’s had to take to deal with this situation

Mr. Robbins stated that:

  • The van would most certainly not be replaced, though I may “think that ideal”. I disagreed and stated nothing about this situation, including a future change of vehicles, could possibly be ideal for me. I just wanted to enjoy my new car purchase.
  • The dealership told him that they had offered me the first year’s maintenance free on the Odyssey. I countered that unless he was referring to the 7500 and 15k scheduled maintenances, not only was this was the first I had heard of this “offer”, but that I felt that was irrelevant since minimal maintenance would be required during the first year, and because the dealership was aware I only drove an average of about 7k miles a year.
  • The dealership told him that they were extending the warranty to 80k. I again countered that this was irrelevant, since I had already purchased the 7 year/80k extended warranty coverage.
  • Honda America would take no involvement regarding the remote starter system since it was an aftermarket product.
  • He was sure I would feel better if I gave it a week, and told me he’d call me back then (gratuitous and patronizing?  I think so.)

I explained I didn’t think this was at all satisfactory. I stated I was trying to have an intelligent conversation with him, but didn’t think I was doing a very good job due to the fact I was trying to chase my not-yet 2 year old and my 3 year old children while speaking with him. I thus requested that he call my husband immediately to explain and discuss things further.

Thankfully, Mr. Robbins took my husband’s concerns more seriously then he did mine, and agreed that the van could be re-inspected by Hersons Honda to provide us with the peace of mind that the vehicle was of sound mechanical condition.


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