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I bought a brand-new 2008 Honda Odyssey at Ourisman Honda on Wednesday, February 27, 2008. Since then, my life has centered on these damn cars.

Ourisman Honda has proven to be the most thoroughly reprehensible business I have come across since Comcast. Actually scratch that, Ourisman’s much worse – at least I was only paying Comcast a hundred bucks a month, and was not reliant on them for my family’s safety. 🙂

I’m a stay at home mother of two wild and wonderful little boys (aged two and 3.5 years old). I do not have even the remotest background in auto mechanics, so it’s clearly ludicrous that Ourisman Honda is purporting untruths that even I can easily prove false.

It was my sincerest hope that this was just an unusual and unfortunate experience. It was not. A bad situation was made much much worse by the gross incompetence and deceipt of the folks at Ourisman Honda. If it was a simple mechanical oversight, well then great!! Shit happens, I get that. I’m a reasonable person. Just say you’re sorry, fix it, throw me a bone with a free service for all my inconvenience, and we never have to deal with each other again, K?

Unfortunately – this was not the case. They returned the vehicle with the transmission fluid still leaking. They installed an after market remote starter which overrided the keyless entry (against the manufacturers intentions). Oh yeah – and it couldn’t be turned off remotely. THEY COMPLETELY MISSED MAJOR MECHANICAL DAMAGE ON A BRAND-NEW VEHICLE. Just a bunch of preposterous nonsense. They completely wasted months of my time and energy. Had they actually completed the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) that is required, this whole situation would have likely been avoided.


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