03/13/08: Dent, Finance, Tags

March 13, 2008:

  •  Noticed dent on lower driver side bumper, and called Ron Robbins at HOA re the (a) concern that we didn’t have documentation that Ourisman reassumed possession of the vehicle and (b) how to handle the dent. Mr. Robbins advised I talk to Ourisman regarding both issues.
  • Called Kwame Kuffour (Ourisman Finance) to confirm that all paperwork was being mailed to me, as promised when we took possession of the new van. He stated yes, that he had spoken with Shazia and Peter, and that they were going to get copies of all paperwork to us (voided contracts, etc). 
  •  Spoke with Darlene (Ourisman Accounting) who stated that she was familiar with our situation and assured me that they were dealing with all the MVA issues, and that all paperwork for the original van (VIN: 5FNRL38478B039818) was pulled and that the new van’s paperwork had been submitted in its place.
  • Talked to Gino Pellegrino about dent – Gino agreed it was unlikely the damage could have taken place after delivery. I sent Gino email with pictures of dent.
  • Gary McDade called back. I explained the situation to him and agreed to send him pictures for his evaluation, so that he could determine if the job could be done in house, or if he needed to bring in an outside vendor. Pictures sent to Gary via email. Gary called back after having the guy who repairs bumpers review the pictures, said it should just be a simple in-house job (45-60 minutes) and said we could bring it in when we wanted and to let him know.

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