…ATF Pictures…

The pools of ATF fluid in my driveway on 2/29/08, less then 48 hours after taking possession of the Odyssey:


2/29/08: The open hole atop my vehicle’s transmission when I reported that the transmission seemed to be missing a cap. Also note the red fluid over everything under the hood:


My vehicle being towed back to the dealership on 2/29/08, less then 48 hours old:


This the cap that Ourisman Honda put into the transmission before the Odyssyey’s brief two hour visit home on 3/3/08.


The transmission of the floor model Odyssey in Hersons Honda showroom on 3/5/08:

Hersons showroom Odyssey

My vehicle’s transmission after it was returned from the second ATF service at Ourisman:

my tranny, 3/8/08 


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