03/06/08: Day Nine

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Gave van a cursory once-over. Ourisman Honda returned van with a half tank of gas (when they took receipt of it the tank was nearly full). 3:45 PM Called Honda of America back for status.  

  1. Spoke with Vika, who gave me the following details:

·        Case # N012008-03-0400200·        Regional Case Manager is Ron Robbins 1-800-999-1009, option 1, ext. 118125 

  1. Left voice mail message for Mr. Robbins


4:30 PM

Left message for Mr. Pellegrino re the status of the promised letter and Rich Kandel’s expected return.

4:45 PM Mr. Pellegrino called back and stated the letter will not be ready today  (as promised), but that they were “aiming for tomorrow”. Also stated Mr. Kandel was  expected to return to work next Tuesday (3/11/08). 

8:15 PM

After reviewing all the paperwork provided by Ourisman Honda, I realized we have been given no documentation regarding the extended warranty we purchased, so I emailed Mr. LaPorte asking him to mail it to us.  


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