Hersons Honda Gets Involved


3/11/08: The 2008 Odyssey was taken into Hersons Honda today to give it a thorough inspection, since at this point I wouldn’t trust anyone at Ourisman Honda enough to put gas in it correctly. I needed to be SURE it was safe for me and my family, KWIM? And American Honda was willing to make this concession to us, so once again, late last night, we uninstalled the carseats, moved them back to the CRV, and so one. This morning John got up extra early to take the car up to Hersons and rode the subway into work, etc.

Well. The van is not OK. I don’t have the details, but there is major transmission damage, enough that Hersons (the good dealership) has already told American Honda that:

(a) it’s a major repair
(b) it will take them a minimum of three days to fix
(c) if it had been sold by Hersons, Hersons would’ve already replaced it

I’m so sick of this drama. And my husband needs a vehicle. I’m exhausted and just ready to tear my kids heads off which is so not fair.


OK, at some point, I promise to summarize all the events for the home page, but for the time being, most of the gruesome details can be found on the page entitled “The LONG Version“. Let me just say briefly that I have owned a 2008 Honda Odyssey for less then 2 weeks. During that time:

  • It has been at Ourisman Honda for transmission service twice, for a total of six days
  • The first time it was in for service they said a clamp was loose.
  • The second time it was in for service they said there was no leak, it was just residue.
  • When asked to document what service had been done, the clamp story was never mentioned, and they’ve now confessed to a missing ATF filler cap (which I repeatedly told them, and they have repeatedly denied. I have pictures of the tranny missing the cap, then again with its’ first replacement cap and its’ second replacement cap though – oh yeah, there were two replacements. Not that Ourisman has ever admitted that.)
  • Ourisman Honda installed a remote starter, the activation of which disabled the keyless entry. That’s right, couldn’t unlock the doors with the clicker. And forget about those cool power sliding doors. Oh yeah, and you couldn’t turn it off unless you physically went to the car, inserted your key in the hole, turned it, got in, and put your foot on the break. Ourisman’s ever-so-charming Aileen Jorss repeatedly told me that was exactly how it was supposed to work in all Hondas, despite my protests that (a) the owners manual said otherwise!! and (b) that my CRV’s remote starter did not do any of those things, and worked the way it was supposed to. She’s all class, that one. But I digress. Despite Aileen’s assurances, we decided to have the system removed from the car.
  • It’s now at Hersons Honda, who states the vehicle has major transmission damage.

10 Responses to “Hersons Honda Gets Involved”

  1. Joe Says:

    After reading the long version, your experiences are proof that imbeciles and vermin mated and the result was slime that calls itself the “service” industry of auto dealers. A curse on their hemorrhoids!

  2. Diana Says:

    Wow! Definitely contact the Better Business Bureau. I’m sorry that you’ve been having to deal with all of this.

  3. Get a life Says:

    Unbelievable! I must say that you clearly have too much time on your hands and need to get a life. I am absolutely sure that you were so nasty about how you were handling your ordeal that knows one wanted to help you. Clearly the time you spent typing this slanderous cheap literal blog helps all readers know how miserable a person you really are. Obviously you have never dealt with negative issues well as a child let alone as an adult, and further think you should seek help!! Things happen, positive and negative, but to beat people up publicly does nothing to help anyone or the situation. I have bought 4 cars from Ourisman Honda and find them to be very stand up and on their toes! I am very sorry to hear that they must deal with such negative people sometimes but suppose they make the most what they get.
    My suggestion to you is to take life by the horns and not by the balls, you don’t get kicked that way and hey when life throws you LEMONS, Make some lemonade and make it sweet! You usually find that people react to kindness much better that angst and profound harsh threats from unsavy mean hearted people like you.

  4. mark rubin Says:

    Wow – I m amazed. I am on our 4th Honda and nothing but good things to say aobut them. 2000 and now 2008 Oydssey. I am sorry to hear you went through this ordeal. I appreciate you documneting it so that others if they ever encounter this tyoe of situation will have learned something to make their ordeal less.

  5. urstupid Says:

    Your are fucking stupid…..

  6. Sean Says:

    On Fri, 10/16/09, ltruong@ourismanhonda.dealerspace.com wrote:

    From: ltruong@ourismanhonda.dealerspace.com
    Subject: RE:RE:RE:Re: Missing your Response
    To: prschbx2005@yahoo.com
    Date: Friday, October 16, 2009, 1:41 PM

    Your very angry. And you talk alot about cock sucking. Probably because you were molested by your uncle, who lives in a trailer and made you suck his cock, until you were about 13 years old. You then realized that it wasn’t right, so you’ve been mad at the world ever since. And for your information, we are a volume dealership who is always in the top three for the district. That’s why we can pick and choose to sell to whom we want. And we choose not to sell to assholes like you.

  7. ourismanhell Says:

    Wow! I’d all but forgotten that this blog existed until this comment was emailed to me for approval today from wordpress.com. This stand-up reply appears to be written by L Truong of Ourisman Honda. Nice.

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate your response.

    P.S. Thanks for not deleting your work address before posting this. Classic.

  8. FartKnocker Says:

    I really hope you forwarded the last comment to honda of america. I can’t believe car dealerships these days. The car industry wonders why they are having problems … Tried buying a brand new truck with cash at three dealerships here in town and they treated me like garbage. Didn’t seem like they even wanted to sell cars.

  9. Ourisman Nightmare Says:

    Ourisman is simply the most dishonest, unethical car dealer I have ever encountered, and I have bought a lot of cars. All anyone has to do is google.

    I wish ltoung at Ourisman had sent me such an email. I would have paid the little lad a visit to discuss his opinions in person. Obviously ltoung has a lot of issues to contend with. Probably explains why he works, or worked, at Ourisman. Based on my observation, not very many intelligent, professional people work at Ourisman.

    Ourisman obviously has no interest in selling cars to people. They would rather sell to folks with little alternatives. Ourisman exists because they can sell vehicles to such people at high prices, with various overpriced addendums, and at high interest rates. I wonder how many vehicles they sell are ultimately repossessed.

    In summary, Ourisman is a disgrace to the car selling industry.

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