03/04/08: Day Seven

 Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10:30 AM
Spoke with Felicia at Honda America, explained the situation and asked for Honda America’s assistance in getting this situation resolved. Felicia took notes, and advised that she would be forwarding this information to a regional case manager, who would be in touch with me within 1-2 days  (possibly sooner). She explained that the regional manager would also be following up with Ourisman Honda.

1:00 PM
My husband left Mr. Pellegrino a voice mail requested status and a call back

2:00  PM 
Honda of America contacted me to complete the post-purchase customer satisfaction rating. I explained that I was having a lot of issues with the van, and that at this point the entire ordeal had been wholly unsatisfactory before proceeding. I chose to skip several questions because I didn’t feel it fair to answer while the situation while still pending.

4:30 PM
I left Mr. LaPorte a voice mail requesting status and a call back.

5:15 PM
Received phone call back from Mr. LaPorte. After another 24 hours of possessing the vehicle, Ourisman Honda did nothing.

  • Mr. LaPorte stated that according to a service technician (Chris), the Honda Odyssey is not capable of supporting the remote start features of the system Ourisman installed. Mr. LaPorte offered me the option of having Ourisman remove the system entirely or accept the remote start system as-is. Either option would be done at no charge to me. I informed Mr.LaPorte that I would need to consult my husband before making that decision, but he would not home until late that evening.
  • I explained to Mr. LaPorte that while I found the whole remote starter situation completely preposterous, it was a secondary concern to the much greater primary issue of the transmission leak. I again asked for an explanation of

1. The nature of the problem (hose/clamp/cap/etc)

2. The underlying cause of the problem (impact on vehicle, etc)

3. The work done by Ourisman Honda to resolve the issue

  • I asked what further steps had been taken by the service department today, re looking into the transmission fluid leak. Mr. LaPorte reported that *nothing*had been done, that they had simply parked it. It was his understanding that the service team saw no fluid accumulation under the vehicle, so they had decided the leaking witnessed yesterday by the Ourisman driver (Louis), my husband and myself must have simply been residual leaking from the earlier incident.
  • Mr. LaPorte told me that there was NO cap on the transmission of the comparable vehicle he personally examined last Friday, and seemed surprised when I told him that my Odyssey had had a cap put into it prior to delivering it back to me yesterday (3/3/08)
  • I again requested that all of my questions be answered and documented (I still have NO documentation or receipt of any of Ourisman Honda’s efforts). Mr. LaPorte agreed and said that he’d call me back when he had a chance to review the service history for me.

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