03/01/08: Day Four

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Approximately 10:20 AM
Called Mr. Pelligrino and asked for status. Mr. Pellegrino stated everything was ready to go, whenever we were able to pick it up. Mr. Pellegrino stated he and Mr. LaPorte had each been apprising the general manager of Ourisman Honda (Rich) of our situation, and that Rich would be working on something to compensate us for the significant inconveniences experienced. I again cancelled family activities for the day, and headed out to Ourisman Honda with my husband and two small children.

Approximately 11:00 AM
Arrived at Ourisman Honda at approximately 11 am. Mr. Pellegrino said he would get things ready from his end, and advised us to go speak with the general manager (Rich) while we waited.

As my children and I waited outside of Rich’s office for him to finish the phone call he was on, we were intercepted by a blonde woman who asked if we needed something. I responded that we were waiting for Rich, and didn’t want to interrupt him since he was obviously on a phone call. The woman asked why we were waiting for Rich, and I responded that I was there because Mr. Pellegrino had directed me to go see him. She persisted in wanting to know why. As our story was fairly involved and I still had no idea who this woman was, if she was even an employee of Ourisman Honda, I stated “I’m sorry, I was told to see Rich, so I was waiting here until he got off the phone. But I don’t know who you are?” At this point, the woman at long last shrilled out “I told you. I’m Aileen, a MAN-A-GER here. But if you won’t let me help you, fine.” After this *first* identification of herself, she walked off.

Several minutes later, Rich came out of his office and introduced himself. He said if we wanted to wait for him, we’d have to wait a bit longer. Aileen interceded again to tell Rich something along the lines of she had “offered assistance but they didn’t want it”. At this point, I was quite offended by her (mis)behavior, and decided it was clearly in our best interests not to continue discussion with this woman, but to wait for Rich’s assistance.

Once Rich was finished with his other business, he came out of his office, and took us back to the financing area, where we could discuss the issue with a little more quiet and privacy. During this meeting,

(a) It was explained to us that the leak was due to a minor issue, that the hose and clamp had come loose from the transmission. I repeatedly asked WHY, but neither Rich nor Mr. Pellegrino was able or willingly to answer this question.

(b) It was agreed upon that Ourisman Honda would provide us for free: oil changes, and the Honda recommended 7500 mile and 15,000 mile services, loaner cars; Rich also offered 50% off a dealer installation of a remote starter in the Odyssey.

(c) I repeatedly asked that everything be clearly documented as to the nature and cause of the transmission fluid leak, which was agreed upon. (NOTE – ABSOLUTELY NO DOCUMENTATION HAS BEEN PROVIDED AS OF 3/3/08)

(d) It was agreed by all parties that this was clearly a very unusual incident, and not the standard Honda experience that we had come to expect given past experiences

(e) My husband and I expressed great concern over the safety of the vehicle and the lack of confidence we had in the vehicle at this stage.

(f) It was agreed that Ourisman Honda could keep the Odyssey until Monday (3/3/08) because they wanted to make sure everything was perfect with the transmission, and so Ourisman Honda could finish cleaning the vehicle and install the remote starter


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