03/03/08: Remote Starter


As you skim through the attached manual, I’d like to draw your attention to several spots. I have outlined these below, cutting and pasting the manual’s text directly into this email so there will be no question as to its accuracy.
All three of the issues I have outlined below are unequivocally possible to resolve in a Honda vehicle, as the features are enabled in my 2004 CRV (also equipped with keyless entry and remote start). Each of the three functions was demonstrated for, and clearly witnessed by, the Ourisman driver (Louis) who was sent here today. Obviously this can easily be proven again if need be, and should serve to invalidate the repeated claims made to the contrary by a certain representative of Ourisman Honda management.
In addition, it is obvious and apparent that it is *not* the intention of the manufacturer that the installation of their product have such critical features disabled, as you too will undoubtedly conclude upon your own review of the attached manual. I’m absolutely certain such a reasonable man as yourself will agree that the attempt to deliver this product with these features disabled is absolutely egregious (though certainly not as egregious as a manager purporting an inability of all Honda electrical systems to support the universal functionalities of a common aftermarket product).
Issue #1: Remote Start of the Vehicle with Doors Open has been disabled

from Page 2 of the owners manual –


The System WILL NOT start the vehicle if any one of the following conditions exists:

1. The Vehicle Hood Is Opened.
2. The Gear Selector Is In Any Gear Other Then Park.
3. The Brake Is Depressed.
4. The Safety Control Switch Is In The Off Position.

Please note that the doors being open is obviously NOT a condition set forth for operability by the manufacturer.

Issue #2: Power locks and Sliding Doors do not work when remote start is running

from Page 3 of the owners manual –

To Remote Start The Vehicle:

Press and release the proper button or combination of buttons on your keychain transmitter to activate the remote start system. The vehicle will start and remain running for the pre-programmed 10 or 15 minutes. As a visual indication, the parking lights will flash or turn on dependent on the programming set up by your installation center.

When you arrive at your vehicle, unlock the vehicle by pressing and releasing the unlock button of your keychain transmitter or by use of the vehicle key. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition key to the on position

Again, clearly the manufacturer’s intent is that the remote transmitter will remain capable of unlocking the doors. It would defy any reasonable person’s logic to disable such a function.

Issue #3: The ability to STOP the engine from running VIA REMOTE has been disabled

also from Page 3 of the owners manual –

NOTE: The engine will stop running before the expiration of the pre-programmed run timer if you complete any of the following:

1. Pressing the proper button or buttons of your keychain transmitter while running under control of the remote start system will turn the vehicle off.

Obviously if one turns something ON, one would also expect the ability to turn it OFF. Clearly this too is the manufacturer’s intention, and not just my personal opinion.

Thank you again for looking into these issues for me, and for all the extra time and effort you have given this extremely unfortunate situation. I greatly appreciate your diligence in working with me to resolve these issues, rather then suggest that I just “deal with it”.

My scanner was not working after all, but I was able to procure both the owner manual and the installlation manual for the remote starter directly from the Audiovox website: http://www.audiovox.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProdLinksCmd?type=man&catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&categoryId=AS9075A&langId=-1&page=&urlString=&productId=&brand=
I have, of course, verified that this version is the same as the version which was provided to me today by Ourisman Honda. For your convenience, I also attached the PDF version of the Audiovox AS9075A remote starter owners manual to this email.



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