The story of this blog: I created it back in March of 2008 as a way to chronicle the horrendous service my husband and I received when our brand new Honda Odyssey had some very serious transmission issues. I decide to let the blog be publicly accessible after the management of Ourisman Honda mishandled our case so horribly. Well, about a year and a half has passed, and since the drama has long since passed, I had pretty much forgotten that this blog even existed until WordPress forwarded this comment to me on Friday:

On Fri, 10/16/09, wrote:

Subject: RE:RE:RE:Re: Missing your Response
Date: Friday, October 16, 2009, 1:41 PM

Your very angry. And you talk alot about cock sucking. Probably because you were molested by your uncle, who lives in a trailer and made you suck his cock, until you were about 13 years old. You then realized that it wasn’t right, so you’ve been mad at the world ever since. And for your information, we are a volume dealership who is always in the top three for the district. That’s why we can pick and choose to sell to whom we want. And we choose not to sell to assholes like you.

Now, one would think that you’d want to delete your work e-mail address before posting something like this, but hey, I think it validates what I have said about the management at Ourisman.


5 Responses to “Classic…”

  1. Viper Says:

    For a messenger of truth one should know the story before publishing something of this nature! Being a top competitor of Ourisman, although I would like nothing but to outsell Ourisman and my good friend that sent this email I don’t think it’s right for you to spread something like this when you didn’t publish all the emails that preceded this one! Every dealership has customers that they mishandled. It’s not right to do so but we are all human and I do believe that if you read what the ignorant consumer that forwarded this to you wrote to Loc I believ that no matter what you do nor what kind of patience or emotional and mental restraints you can will, a personal attack to your race and personal being could warrant such a reply! To the consumers thank you for letting us know where we failed but the reason Ourisman is always in the top running with us is because of the professionalism and eagerness to serve that Loc has helped instill in his consultants and managers alike! Hersons or my dealership may have done better on certain accounts but if Loc and the Ourisman didn’t provide the top notch service they do thousands would not flock yearly to purchase from them! Especially the top leaders of our nation that live only blocks away!

  2. ourismanhell Says:

    In the spirit of fair play, I thought this comment from L.Truong was directed to *me* — if I am understanding what you are trying to tell me in the above comment, the previous comment was part of a spliced email sent from a third party? Personal attacks are never OK, agreed, and if Mr Truong was the victim of such, then I can sympathize with his anger. His professionalism is certainly lacking, however not surprising based on my own experiences with the management of Ourisman Honda.

    I still stand by the fact that Ourisman Honda is the most reprehensibly managed organization I have ever had the misfortune to do business with. It’s a shame — other individuals (LaPorte, Pellegrino) that I worked with at Ourisman did truly try to assist me and offer guidance. But Ourisman Honda is rotten at the top. I’m certain most people have had no issues with Ourisman — clearly it’s easy to claim a satisfied customer when you sell them a typical brand-spanking-new Honda without any problems. Unfortunately, I had a brand new van with major transmission problems, and was put in the unpleasant vantage point of seeing how poorly Ourisman handles the rare case where a Honda product fails.

  3. PureBS Says:

    It’s funny that ass sent you that e-mail.

    His name is Sean Smith this is how his e-mail began to “ME”

    “You are an asshole. Instead of calling me back the same day with a
    quote, you keep calling after I have already purchased a car. And, now
    you send me this form letter in an e-mail. How can you sell a car when I
    have already spent my money on a car from someone else? You can’t.
    When I make a decision to buy something, I do so as soon as I get a deal.
    You refused to match the deal, you didn’t call me back as promised, and
    you did not get a sale. It is as simple as that.”

    Me: I never had this guy’s number and he knows this becuase this is the only way he would of acted in this manner.

    My response:”Thank you very much for your utter total lack of CLASS and SELF RESPECT. If I had your phone number Sean, “trust me I will be calling you” ”

    Sean Smith to my response: “Suck my cock. You are
    incompetent at your job, but maybe I’ll hire you for your oral services.”

    Email sent by my manager:My name is Loc Truong, senior sales manager for Ourisman Honda. I just wanted to let you know personally that we were fortunate enough to have not sold you a car. Your lack of professionalism and poor choice of vocabulary will not be tolerated. K***e has been professional throughout and was even respectful with his return email to your unprofessional email. We will not contact you again and we hope that you will take your business elsewhere in the future.

    E-mail response by Sean Smith:”Just because K***e chooses to suck on your
    vietnamese cock, doesn’t mean you have to get involved in this. If you
    were professional, you would sell cars. Don’t act like you are too good
    to sell just because you realize you CAN’T sell to me. ”

    And it gets pretty stupid from there this is my last response:”Dude I do not know what “your” issue is! I did not have your number and you never provided me with a number. It is obvious there is something clearly wrong with you. Why be a virtual bully why not stop by “our dealership” and voice your concerns and opinions in person? Why use the word “cock” so many times “It makes me think”? I followed up with you by e-mail because you provided no number. You preach about lack of “education” your entire tirade shows clearly “your” lack of education, tack, class and any type of self respect. It is also clear your life has to be very troubling and disturbing by your actions. Thank you and have a great weekend”

    Just to keep it real………..this Sean Smith ( an asshole and I have not posted the other ignorant e-mails he has sent……

  4. PureBS Says:

    And I really hope Sean Smith is NOT YOU…….Ourismanhell

  5. ourismanhell Says:

    I am not Sean Smith. Just someone who bought a brand-new vehicle that had major damage from Ourisman Honda, and received service so horrendous and so incompetent that I felt other potential customers deserved to know how poorly Ourisman handles problems.

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