02/29/08: Day Three

Friday, February 29, 2008

Morning: Observed further fluid accumulation under vehicle. Drove Odyssey to another location, where it remained parked for approximately 3 hours. Upon returning to Odyssey, checked under vehicle and again saw fluid accumulation.

Afternoon: Returned home and investigated the fluid accumulation in driveway. Fluid was red, oily, and foul smelling 

  • Upon opening the hood of the vehicle, it was quickly realized that the aforementioned red fluid had been sprayed and was pooling over all the equipment located under the hood. 
  • Checked the fluids levels of the power steering fluid (normal) and the transmission fluid (low)
  • Moved vehicle over several inches to ascertain whether or not the vehicle was still leaking the fluid. It was quickly determined that yes, it was leaking continuously.
  • Contacted Chris LaPorte (sales) at Ourisman Honda immediately to report this issue. Spoke at length with both Mr. LaPorte and Mr. Gino Pellegrino (service advisor) at Ourisman Honda. 
  • Expressed my opinion that this appeared to be a significant and continuous transmission fluid leak Mr. Pellegrino immediately agreed with my opinion based in the information I was able to provide over the phone.
  • Reported that there appeared to be a cap missing from the transmission, as per my observation of an open threaded hole approximately one inch in diameter on the transmission (see below picture). Was assured that no such cap was missing.
  • Mr. LaPorte asked me to bring the car into Ourisman that evening. I declined and requested it be towed, concerned that further operation could cause more damage.
  • Mr. Pellegrino arranged for towing service, and for Ourisman Honda to provide a rental car for us at Ourisman Honda’s expense.
  • I uninstalled the car seats in the Odyssey, emptied the vehicle of all personal possessions, and cancelled all personal plans for the remainder of the day.
  • My husband took off work several hours early to assist with the situation. Upon his arrival, he and I picked up the rental car at Enterprise Rockville.
  • Askins Towing towed our brand-new Odyssey back to Ourisman Honda that afternoon.

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