Our story, in short

In less then two weeks of owning our brand new 2008 Honda Odyssey minivan, it (a) was taken back twice to Ourisman Honda for the continuous leaking of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), (b) had a remote starter system installed and then removed due to Ourisman’s installation of a clearly incompatible aftermarket product, and (c) was brought into Hersons Honda for a thorough re-inspection because of our lack of faith in Ourisman Honda’s service. After 6 days worth of “repairs” at Ourisman’s service department, Hersons came to the conclusion within a few hours that the Odyssey’s transmission issues were *not* fixed, and that the van in fact had major transmission damage (bear in mind, this was a van with well under 200 miles on it). All told, in less then two weeks of ownership, the Odyssey was in for service seven days. After much despair, countless phone calls and letters, and all the aforementioned service visits, Ourisman very grudgingly agreed to replace the van, but only after Hersons Honda and Honda of America also became actively involved in our case.

A day after we took possession of the *new* van, we discovered a dent which had either been missed, or just went undisclosed, by Ourisman Honda. And that almost covers our horrific saga of blatant deceipt and incompetence by Ourisman Honda…

MTA: Ourisman fixed the dent on 3/15/05, but as of 4/8/08, Financing has still not sent me the cancelled paperwork they said they would. After repeated calls to American Honda Financial Services, I’ve been able to confirm that the old van’s loan was “reversed”, and that we only have a loan out on Van #2.

After a bunch more phone calls, on 4/10/08 we *finally* got our new tags.

As of 4/10/08, the old van’s VIN is still in our name at the MVA. That’d be a full month after giving it back to Ourisman. Sure hope no one wracks up any parking tickets or commits any crimes in that vehicle.

Trust me when I say that if you are in the market for a Honda, please save yourself the angst and proceed straight to Hersons. They’re really wonderful there.

Believe it or not, the following chain of events is the abridged version of what has happened to us over the past few weeks, due to the deception, incompetence and missteps of Ourisman Honda’s management.



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